John H Howard
January 2009
Wanted - Dead or Alive
Things come and things go, but what's remembered goes on living, sort of.
Oh Look -He does photos with a brush
 It;s sometimes surprising what some boastful bantering in a bar will lead to.
So Thankful
I'm so surprised and so grateful and so gratified that so many brilliant people have been so welcoming on my first appearance here, so I'm dedicating my 2009 Bar Book and my next drink to you all and promise to post some of the more palatable pages as the year progresses
salutations Drawgers
So far, so good. Two jobs, Crains NY Business (#148) and Private Clubs magazines, broke the zip on my coat and fixed it with a paperclip (saving$30), got a flat tire on my bike but made it home and survived New Years Eve in the City with no (apparent) damage - pretty cool huh? -more to come-JHH.
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