John H Howard
February 2010
Not Sketchbooks?

The word seems to imply some scribbled momentary recording of the passing visual world. I prefer to keep notebooks. They do contain sketches and doodles but also accounts of transactions and payments for the privilege of experiencing this brief visit. Breezing through some of these countless volumes they seem to be charting the directionless meanderings of some clueless explorer who keeps these logbooks more for remembering a way back than discovering a way forward. A lifeline to a more comfortable place and time. That the possibility that most of this stuff is of little interest to anyone else has not escaped me. I’m not holding my breath but I’m hoping that pasting a few pages here might at least help me define a little more clearly, what I’ve been doing and which way I’ll be going. In the meantime, I’m sticking the tail on donkey#09 and have selected for family viewing ten of the  more palatable pages over there on the gallery list.

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