Joseph Fiedler
When I was a Mummy!
Photo by Bill Dutkovic. All of David's work at that time was photographed by Bill -they were actually like a team.

For Something Completely Different & TBT-ish!
I'm not real big on Halloween, especially "costume" parties so I usually spread my "dress-ups" out over the course of the entire year rather than blowing the wad all in one night. So, many years ago, my good friend illustrator David Pohl was working on a cover project for  a new publication called DIG.  DIG was an archeology magazine for kids [= epic fail]. David, who was at that time creating assemblage illustrations, was asked to create a mummy. That's all. Naturally he thought that I'd make a great mummy so he cast my face in that shit you use to cast faces. It was my first [and last] time to have my face cast. The whole process was so amusing [probably for a variety of reasons] that the finished "mask" had a huge smile! David fixed that with wax and toilet paper and then went on to cast his father's hands.  In the heat of creation he accidentally over heated some wax [ to "age" the piece] on a gas stove and blew up his hand. It required major burn and reconstruction treatments and surgery. At that very time, he got a call from Steven Heller, then AD at the New York Times Book Review [that used to mean something]. David took THAT job too and his brother [ a big-wig, corporate CFO] made the illustrations according to David's specifications. Total Hero!

When I look at the actual transparency [YES! -t-r-a-n-s-p-a-r-e-n-c-y] now-I'm amazed. Magic. The clients couldn't believe it. The magazine died, David's father died, Bill and I moved and that was a long time ago and far away when I was a mummy for DIG! David and I often celebrated July 4 in his local, hill-top graveyard so I offer this in celebration instead -Have a safe one and wave your little hickey!
The raw, smile corrected head was built over a plastic milk jug.

David Pohl in the graveyard.

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