Joseph Fiedler
Introducing The Slate Creek Ranch!

Thought I'd take a minute and give the Drawger audience a chance to see what's been new in my life [other than just making pictures]. I haven't been back East for quite awhile now, I almost forget it's there! In March I moved to a new location within Nevada county called Echo Ridge that runs along the slopes of the Deer Creek ravine. Slate Creek is the road, Nevada City, CA is the municipality. I have a generous apartment in a beautiful home situated on a wooded 10 acre parcel of sloping, terraced, west-facing land. It's very Tuscany/Provence/California-ish with loads of Rosemary, Lavender, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Sages and wildflowers. It also means totally awesome sunsets everyday! It really is gorgeous and I'm really lucky. I can see for approx 30 miles in clear weather which is like most of the time. It really is very much a ranch without livestock -the oak [majority] and pine trees are filled with woodpeckers, doves, quail, flickers, warblers, jays, turkeys and a neighborhood Red Shouldered hawk, as yet unnamed. The Geese actually fly BELOW me! Yeah, and no neighbors either! Like I've said before, I couldn't do it without you so please help keep me here! Forever thanks! And do stop by -just make sure you call the Nevada County Sherriff's Office to check on whether or not Donner Pass is open!

Take a look! It always kills me when people say "what is there to do?"
Well, for one thing, I probably already did it!


Le Neu Shack du Joey!

Looking outside my front door.

From my desk -west facing hills. I bracketed for the distant detail so the foreground looks darker than it normally does FYI.

Huge mature gardens courtesy of my landlord Ms. Mari.

Looking East toward the garden: major herbs, lavender, bamboo, butterfly bush and even a Persimon tree!

Turkeys, Quail, Deer, Coyote, Jack Rabbit, have seen all even a black stretch limo!.

Studio shot.I finally hung my personalized Keith Haring after 30 years!

The Philosopher's den.

Ancestral shrine inside [my paternal grandparents].

Local social action: My friend, artist & DJ The Vinyl Avenger spins at Gold Country Muffler for the Defenders Nor Cal/So Cal Rally after-party and Junebug Porter jammin' @ the Brewery!

Junebug's mama helped build the atom bomb and Oh, yeah, I know a guy whose brother went to high school with David Crosby AND he knows who killed JFK but he won't tell us because he's afraid to die type-of-thing!

I shot this from my bedroom window! A Zen re-habby John Muir meets Steve McQueen and Ted Kaczynski type of Big Sur-ishness with just a touch of Dashiell Hammet!

It was at the time of the David Hockney exhibit A Bigger Exhibit and suddenly it was right outside my window!

After David's Totem and then from my own view.

More investigations: the difficulty really proves David's mastery in drawing complex vegetation in charcoal.

Fuck, you could film an episode of Grizzly Adams right outside here!
All pictures actually took!

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