Joseph Fiedler
January 2007
Amen Brother! See what you think about this?!
My friend David Pohl sent this out this morning. It's a perplexing issue. David is a guru, a DJ, an illustrator, a performance artist, an installation artist, a gardener and oh, yeah, a drummer!
The Winston's
Intellectual Property  is a super complicated, challenging, topical, and relevant issue.  This is a wonderful, concise way to explain an aspect of it. It takes about 20 minutes but it's well worth it.
The flip side of Color Him Father.
The New Holofernes 11x14 inches, Mixed on Paper
Recently, I made several paintings with overt political content  combined with an element of portraiture.  The New Holofernes shows an update on the nefarious feme fatale, this time though, it's the severed head of Henry Kissinger on display.  It's been suggested that the old butcher himself has been behind the Administration's policy on Iraq. 
Napoleon Contemplating the Bust of tthe Lone Ranger 11x14 inches, Mixed on Paper
Napoleon, the proto-typical military aristocrat.  A model for all to come after him and the smithy of the modern war forge.
V. Lenin 8x8 inches, Mixed on Paper
V. Lenin, the schemer revolutionary. 

Each in their own way influenced the politcal climate that we all share.

For more images see the Colonial Sketchbook
Obituaries of Famous Snack and Fast Food Innovators
The Iconic "Little Debbie" logo.
Inspired by the recent demise of noodle legend Momofuku Ando  I’ve put together a fond remembrance of a few other great stars in the snack and fast food firmament. Too often the shifting sands of time and the vagaries of fickle public taste wash our creative endeavors away.  Let’s take a moment to honor those innovative entrepreneurs who came before us.

O.D. McKee

O.D. McKee died at the age of 90 in the early 1990’s [exact date lost]. McKee founded the McKee Bakery in Chattanooga, TN in 1934 or ’35 [date seems to be in dispute] after selling his car for collateral. McKee was always searching for “a better way” to do things and so when he made changes to his oatmeal cookie formula [making it softer] he created one of America’s most beloved snack foods.  He put two of his soft cookies together with a fluffy filling in between and sold the cream pies for a nickel. It stands to reason that what started as a job selling snack cakes out of his 1928 Whippet would result in the development of “Little Debbie” snack cakes [named after his granddaughter]. Today, O.D.’s business, began in the back seat of his car, has sold billions of all 75 varieties of his snack cakes in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Who among us hasn’t tasted a Little Debbie? McKee Foods Corporation is the largest private employer in the Chattanooga area with more than 5,000 workers.

For more information about the famous snack cakes, please visit
Ruth and O.D. McKee
The real Little Debbie
Victor Dorman

Victor Dorman [1915-1995] was a Brooklyn native and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration at New York University in the mid 1930’s. He was responsible for putting paper between slices of cheese.  Dorman took over the Dorman Cheese Company, which had been founded by his father Nathan in the late 19th Century.  The company was sold to the Beatrice Foods Conglomerate in 1986. 

Until the late 1940’s, cheese had been sold in bulk.  In the 1950’s, the U.S. Slicing Machine Company developed the interleaver, a machine that cut a slice of cheese, placed it on a conveyor belt and then, with mechanical fingers, laid down a sheet of paper or parchment.  Victor Dorman was the first person to do that.  With the advent of supermarkets and self-service, there was a need for packaged products with longer shelf life.  Mr. Dorman’s company became known for its registered trademark slogan “The Cheese with the Paper Between the Slices”.

Mr. Dorman died of heart failure related to muscular dystrophy in Delray Beach, FL at the age of 80.
Frank Dorsa

In 1953, capitalizing on the “fad” for frozen foods, Frank Dorsa [1907-1996] took his family’s successful waffle batter and invented the process and machinery for producing frozen waffles. Overnight, homemakers everywhere went from “slaving” over hot waffle irons to popping “Eggos” out of the toaster! Mr. Dorsa’s son Frank and his wife Marilyn own the Delta Queen carwash in Los Gatos, Ca.
Momofuku Ando
RIP Momofuku
I don't know how many folks caught this, but Momofuku Ando passed away after suffering a heart attack on Friday.  Ando, born in Tiawan, was the founder of the Nissin Food Products Company [1948] of Japan.  In 1958, Nissin introduced Ando's breakthrough product Chicken Ramen which later [1971] became the famous Cup Noodle, or Cup Of Noodles as we know it.

Ando is survived by his wife, Masako.  The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum [1999] in Ikeda City, Japan commemorates his inventions.
Lies About My Grandmother II
Mixed [Alkyd and Acrylic on Canvas] 2006
Awhile back I posted a piece about a series that I did called "Lies About My Grandmother".  In that post I was only able to show the six smaller pieces [ those that fit my scanner ]. One of the two main items in that series is a 40X29 inch canvas.  I just learned how to "tile" images that are larger than my scanner [ Umax Powerlook 2100 XL, 11 X 17 bed ] and am now able to show that larger work. Here it is. It's NINE scans!
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