Joseph Fiedler
November 2009
Check out this new little package of six 5X7 limited edition animal note cards we just put together over here at Dobutsu/Animales/Tiere [Japanese, Spanish and German words for Animal(s)] is a special selection of images in celebration of natural diversity. Beautifully printed by Steve Buckley of Photographic Reflections, each package is hand wrapped, labeled and signed. They make cool, unique gifts. If you’re interested in purchasing a pack, contact us!

Hand-wrapped packages.
The complete set of images.
Pinewoods Studio
My crucifix collection. My grandfather died of colon cancer under the large one, the one on the far left is made from olive wood harvested in Bethelhem, the plain, small one on the middle-right is from a flea market in Via Reggio, Italy, the carved cross on the lower right is from Christ-In-The-Desert Monastery near Abiqiu, New Mexico. The other two lower items are also from New Mexico. There are two from Salzburg, Austria as well.
I thought that I'd take a stab at the Studio Tour thing. Mine's not terribly special but I do tend to have to create the appropriate work atmosphere. I love the A frame lines and the North Light. Yesterday, we saw our first Coyote. It was a magnificent creature. I called it Alligator Snoot! Here are a few shots for your blog reading pleasure.

Iko guarding the work table! She'll be 17 years old this Spring!
I realized when we moved that all my shit is old, I guess that antique would be a more positive word. Maybe it helps balance all that digital technology?
Everything is cluttered with various treasure; my SOI silver medal, my father's tools, voodoo charms, Pueblo pottery and the DREAM sign that I swiped off of the ICON 3 stage.
That's my parent's wedding photo, Yoko Ono's IMAGINE PEACE button, a sprig of Ponderosa pine from the back yard and weed that I tried to grow this summer.
There's currently some sleet out there but this is what it's really all about.
Scenic Byways and Viva Las Vegas!

Here’s a little visual tour of my recent road trip. We did the grand tour of the Grand Canyon [drove all the way around, North and South rims, Marble Canyon, Lee’s Ferry, Zion National Park, The Valley of Fire and Death Valley National Park] in addition to the VERY psychedelic Sin City, my very first trip to Las Vegas [for the opening of TRANSITIONS with Eric Joyner @ Trifecta Gallery]. It was a crazy 10 days. I saw so much awesome stuff in such a short time; raging nature, raging hormones, wild animals, majestic geology, great art and pole dancers. Too bad Las Vegas was cooler in my imagination than it was in actuality. Gone are the days of Bugsy Siegel and the Rat Pack. The modern Crystal City is no more than a Lunk-head Disneyland loaded with offers of unlimited steak and eggs, 180 oz. beers and six pound burritos and from what I could see, lots of stomach room to fit it all in. Enjoy the essay!

Thanks again Eric Joyner, Marty Walsh, Anselm Yew, Dani Yew and Nanbo!

Trifecta Gallery

Neon Museum

South Rim, Grand Canyon
North Rim, Grand Canyon
Full moon over the Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona
The world famous Parry Lodge, Kanab, Utah [this is where movie stars such as Ava Gardner, John Wayne, Gregory Peck and Ben Johnson stayed while filming in the nearby desert].
Ceiling at the Bellagio Casino/Hotel by Dale Chihuly
Neon sign at Circus Circus Casino
Trifecta Gallery @ the Arts Factory with sales person Nicole and owner, Marty Walsh
Eric and I
Arts patrons Las Vegas style
Our Drink'n'Draw friends Anselm and Dani Yew traveled all the way from San Francisco!
Fountain at the Bellagio
The awesome Neon Bone Yards, a collection of original neon signage preserved by the Neon Museum
This one was designed by Betty Willis who designed the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign
Random truck [do they have these today??]
Another random truck
The Watchman at Zion National Park [BTW If you have never seen this, you simply must!]
As an avid animal lover, this really blew my mind [Desert Big Horn Sheep, South Rim, Grand Canyon]
...but then....Sunset with Wild Buffalo at Zion Mountain Ranch, Utah
Damn! I love the road!
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