Joseph Fiedler
Al Martino, Super Hero?
This is the new image: Trachea Girl 2011. The background is from the actual, original Taos sketchbook.

Trachea Girl 2011!
The original Trachea Girl started out as rejected cover sketch for a publisher I was working with at the time [Holt, I believe].  Since another pose/crop was chosen for the cover and since I liked this particular sketch, I developed it into a full sized painting @ 48X48 inches on ply panel just for the f* of it.  This painting was published by San Diego designer/publisher Mark Murphy in the collection/book Super Hero 2001, appearing for the first time and under the name Trachea Girl.  Since it was to be used in a publication with a super hero theme, I  concocted the "myth" of Trachea Girl based on images in the painting: the text refers to her..." magic windpipe", the "black shoe" and a ..."hairy, meat sangwich" all of which I thought, could be blended into a suitable narrative with a little imagination! 
I am not in the least deluded by the notion that strong, spandex helpers will come out of the sky, so I adopted the “mantle”, so to speak, and made my own version -the anti-super hero!  No Kryptonite here, just a nod to a  Chesty Morgan's  film "Deadly Weapons" and a subtle blend of Linda LovelaceNabokov and David Cronenberg.  It reminded me of that art school album cover assignment-you know, the one where everybody tries to express their personalities via the music they choose and it's often just common shit from the radio?  You know, amongst those who consider Three Stooges' trivia "intellectual"?  Well, I picked the late Al Martino. No sense going head to head with all those Hendrixs and Bowies besides Martino wasn't late then!  Sorry, don't have a file of that beauty. Talk about standing out from the crowd, I pasted the painting over a copy of Let It Be for a comp! There was not a single Martino solution competitor in that class, I assure you! It's always been my approach, my way, or so it seems.  Sometimes it's an asset and sometimes it's a liability.  I guess it's a continuum.
The Murphy book was a star studded affair too, including many Drawgers and/or Drawgie-associates. From there she went on to AI and SOI [STAIRWAY placement too!], etc. and then to my basement “retrospective” which is a kind of Gordon Matta-Clark, deconstructionist Sotheby's with Kitty litter. Some people think she looks sad and familiar but really, I just tried to make her look neo-classical, like paintings that I'd seen, in addition to the fact that the original assignment dealt with an orphan under Nazi occupation, which sets a tone. The trachea was pure Lovelace! Nobody ever mentioned it though. RIP Linda.
I recently uncovered the original sketch files and thought that I’d try to make a “new” Trachea Girl but using the original sketch and digital technology. Just for the f* of it type of thing in the spirit of Gus Van Sant's "Psycho".  Digital work is a lot like printmaking and since I'd never taken printmaking, it's pretty much fun learning something new. So here she is. Don’t think that this is some type of contest though, just jammin’. OK?
And, I think that it would be a healthier viewpoint to see that we are ALL super heroes! Bueno!

This is the original painting: 48X48 inches, Alkyd and Acrylic on Ply Panel.

Original painting detail [very old scan from transparency].

This is the original sketch.

Super Hero 2001, cover by the Clayton Brothers and inside image by Douglas Fraser.

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