Joseph Fiedler
Israel Not Book!
Bi-lingual poster versions.

After a long "pregnancy", the International Plain Notebook Project: NOT BOOK  launched July 9th at Beit Ha'ir Urban Culture Museum in Tel Avi, Israel. The exhibition will be up for more than 4 months and will later start touring here and abroad.

Each of the several hundred participating artists [some Drawgers!] were provided with a standard brown school notebook to fill.  I used prinouts of many past projects - personal works, some of which have been seen here before and some not.

The curators state "In the exhibition Not Book, opening at Beit Ha'ir on July 9th, 2013, we will try to create a world allowing at the same time both the archaic and the hyper-modern – two extremes that will raise fundamental questions in the field of art in the digital age. For this purpose, Beit Ha'ir has invited Kenneth Goldsmith – founder and editor of UbuWeb – the world's largest online archive of avant-garde art. Goldsmith is a famed and esteemed figure in the contemporary art world and in academic and international avant-garde circles, thanks to his innovative concepts.

Together with Kenneth Goldsmith's work, the exhibition Not Book will place at its center the "International Plain Notebook Project", curated by Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz, dedicated to the plain brown notebook. This notebook, associated with the educational system of the early days of socialistic Zionism in Eretz Israel, is a political object of sorts, which like the ideology, faces extinction. The notebook becomes an international creative platform, inviting subconscious connection to free and liberated creation. The brown notebook – which we are familiar with from our first years in school is radically transformed when removed from the ideological Israeli context and put into our current times, in which values of internationalism and individualism are cherished. The project proposes a fresh model for collective, interdisciplinary and universal art, which brings together hundreds of artists from different backgrounds, abolishing the customary hierarchies defined by the art establishment.

Over 350 artists from 45 different countries participate in this wide-scope project, contributing unique pieces in a variety of techniques: two-dimensional, sculptures and 3D, video works and spatial installations".

"In a digital world, where economic and political forces coerce us to continuously be swept away in the technological whirlwind, this exhibition raises questions currently at the center of the art, cultural and social discussion: what is the balance of powers at present between the new and the old media, and where is this heading? What is original creation in the digital era? What is the role of the museum and the curator in an age where hierarchies have blurred, and information is free and available to all?"
Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky, Chief Curator and Director of the Bialik Complex

This exhibit marks my first experience with Israel and I wish it a long life! Thanks to Curator, Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz for the invitation!
Acrylic and Pencil on Stonehenge paper. 24X30 inches.

Early digital composite sketch.

Early digital composite sketches.

From my sketch series entitled "Collen Cullen Returning Veteran", Acrylic and Pencil on Moleskine Sketchbooks.

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