Joseph Fiedler
September 2008
Considering the circus-like atmosphere of our current econo-political climate, here’s a fitting little event that I’m involved in.  Many of you might know that I’ve been a vegetarian for 33 years [like Kerri says, it’s like not driving a car!] so the compassionate nature of this anti cruelty art event was very much to my liking.  I missed the opening but it looks like it was pretty cool, not to mention, large.  The artist roster includes the eminent Richard Downs, David Brinley, Kim Scott, and J.S. Berger among others.  Thanks to Gale Hart of A Bitchin Space for a cool opportunity!  Here a few pix, more can be found @ A Bitchin Space.

The 2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities juxtaposes the dark, painful lives of performing animals with the fun, amusing atmosphere of the carnival. The show has over 100 national and international artists. The performance line-up starts with Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, who will be joined by comedian and MC, Keith Lowell Jensen, singer Larisa Bryski, plus jugglers, belly dancers, firebenders and other performers, freaks, artist-made midway games and rides, as well as raffle prizes including original artwork and more with proceeds donated to animal protection groups.

On display in the gallery through
Closing Reception October 11th.

A Bitchin’ Space 
2114 19th Street
Sacramento, CA  95818

Pan shot of the Gallery. My paintings are on either ends [Elephant and Tiger]
Richard Downs
My Tiger.
Curator and artist Gale Hart brings together performers and visual artists to create a unique and powerful event. PHOTO BY DOMINICK PORRAS
Another Gallery shot.
Some of the ever popular fire twirling.
and as always...girls in cages!
Elephant 5x5 feet, mixed on stretched canvas.
David Brinley
J.S. Berger
Kim Scott
Scandal Sketchbook
I put up another sketchbook called Scandal.  Recently I discovered the Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencil and the combination of the Lumograph and the Moleskine paper is sublime.  Subject wise, I’m all over the place with an emphasis on Dick and Jane, Suburbia and the natural world.  This time I have a fake party sequence that has a narrative quality although none existed except in my head.  I used all cribbed pix from Facebook.  I’m also going back to an old study of sculpture as well as old British army barracks, if that makes any sense.  Take a peek…
Greek Sculpture
Fake Party [with actual party pictures]
Recent Work Post
The Socialization of Boys AD Ananda Walden
Here are a few  SKETCHBOOK style projects that I recently completed.  The Boys article was a lead piece for the Hartford Courant on the different ways girls and boys are socialized [with emphasis on boys] in making the transition from high school to college.
The Facial story is part of a series of HEALTH related topics for Hour Detroit Magazine [the Detroit City Mag] and evokes the 'balance" involved in this particular procedure.
Cardio Care is also from that series but for a different AD and basically talks about new procedures available at local hospitals.  It was the only article that I actually had text for [other than just a synopsis].
Detail at Actual Pixels
Facial AD Jessica Decker
Cardio Care Today AD Cassidy Zobl
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