Joseph Fiedler
October 2011
The Crater Lake Crash!
NFL and Crime, New Orleans Magazine AD Eric Gernhauser

…Or another kind of Process.
Ever since Ken Burns got me to read John Muir, I’ve been on a quest for wild.  My wild probably isn’t as wild as yours or Keith’s but it speaks to me.  Last week I drove up to Oregon to see Crater Lake National Park, which closes for the season  today.  It’s the deepest lake on the United States containing the purest water on earth (since the crater is not filled by any stream-only snow and rain).  If emptied, it would provide every person on earth with 700 gallons of the purest water available on our planet. We are very fortunate here in CA as we have so much to see within the state itself.  I think it’s important to see the wildest our world has to offer and the food at the lodge was terrific too!
Since Crater Lake Lodge has no Internet service and cell reception was spotty at best, naturally on return there was a job commission email waiting-past due.  Apparently, crime stats in the now uber famous Treme section of New Orleans led some researchers to investigate the correlation between NFL policies and practices and crime reduction in certain neighborhoods. Could I do it for tomorrow?  Well, ten years ago, I’d probably have to punt that one but I was unflagged, especially since it’s an old client who knows me and it’s exciting to rise to a challenge even so small.
For the first time ever I did a verbal pitch and it worked. I said Badda-Bing! And the AD said Fuckin’A!
Dose of the wild!
All photos © Nancy Jean Nelson except Nutcracker and Lodge/Lake view.
It is five miles around and 1900 feet deep. The crater is actually a caldera from a volcano called mount Mazama. Unaided human eyesight visibility is over 140 feet below the surface. It's a lot like Hetch Hetchy (if you've ever seen that in Yosemite) but more like the Grand Canyon if it were filled with water.

500-700 feet to the shore!

Observation overlook-we were socked in with fog after only one day. Apparently the lake generates it's own weather patterns as it was totally sunny below the mountain.

This is a Google grab of a Clark's Nutcracker. The Nutcracker's beak is the only thing that will crack open the White Bark Pine's cone. A single Nutcracker can gather over 90,000 pine nuts in a season and remember over half of the stash! The rest become White Bark Pines!

The Lodge!!!--Stickley rockers.

Yes, this is actually the view but from their photo archive. Fog came too quickly for us!

Mount Shasta on the way. Shasta is also part of the Cascades volcanic chain.

Fresh grapes courtesy of Ms. Peggy Wright, owner of Treats, Nevada City, CA

Kidnapped for Readers Digest Asia is about the 1976 Chowchilla, CA School bus kidnapping.

Late Summer Jobbies!
I hate to sound so positive but this has been a memorable summer.  The weather was killer perfect [I worked on the deck most days-am now in fact!], the local farm produce, though late due to a WET spring, has been wonderful, made and sold some big paintings and had a semi-plethora of good jobs!  The Pressure Drop has hit though and the rains have begun.
I also have the pleasure of building an on-line class for the Academy of Art Universty, San Francisco.  It's a big challenge and a big deal that, kind of, put's me in the forefront of education's newest phase. Very excilting indeed -this is REAL porchwork! And, it ain't over yet!
Here's a look at the latest!
Cancer in a Bottle for the Medical section of Hour Detroit Magazine is about alcohol and cancer.

Abondanza is for the Thanksgiving issue of La Cucina Italtiana Magazine's wine column.

The Turkey QP for La Cucina. I think this is a good example of a "bridge" piece, like you know, when you try to tackle some mundane workhorse icon cliche and you actually LIKE how it looks!

Athena Awards for Macomb County, MI.

Nanbo and I at Scott's Flat Lake, Nevada County, CA. That shit makes you feel like the Stones at Villefranche-sur-Mer, even if only for a few hours!

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