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Best New Gift Ideas for 2014
Here is your Holiday Shopping Catalog Collection Featuring the Best New Gift Ideas for 2014. I know there are a lot of last minute shoppers out here - and I like to help out in any way I can. They have great customer service and free shipping. Such a great resource.
These are the pajamas that combine the luxurious softness of Dunstable horse hair with the carefree convenience of a machine washable wearable. Trot your little pony from stable to bedroom in equine style with our 100% bug free guarantee. Features our fragrant No-itch Hay Liner® - adding genuine barnyard aroma to your sleepy dream experience.
These are the indoor/outdoor slides that pull in low-frequency experimental communications - from Chicago to Chittaurgarh - while allowing the feet to rest on a cushion of air. Listen to civilian aircraft radio transmissions while shuffling through the breezeway and never get caught out of the loop again.
Handmade be Felix Petit, former apparel supplier to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces since, like, 1890, this is as close as you can get to the genuine Royal Navy Duffle. Oversized pockets on the sides - and shoulders - provide ample storage for survival gear that commuters need. Our buffalo horn toggles have been updated and redesigned, replaced with hand selected, eco-friendly kiln-dried Canadian mud - creating a toggle shaped button ensuring a 100% organic, animal friendly coat closure.
This digital earpiece amplifies, clarifies, and gets the attention you need, seek and deserve. An advanced microchip amplifies human speech frequencies above background noise. T-Rex’s eyes flash neon red as he lets out a hearty roar every 10 minutes to keep you and those nearby on their toes and fully aware of his totally non-extinct presence.
$9.99 / pair
This is the rechargeable reading lamp that provides bright light anywhere. We removed the power cord, but quadrupled the pull cord making it as big as a garden hose and easy to grab from any position. It’s the most massive on-off pull cord for a cordless lamp allowed by law. Switch to the On-the-Road® setting and light changes intermittently from green, to yellow, to red, giving a unique traffic urgency characteristic, which many readers find relaxing.
Using patented technologies developed from NASA to help keep astronauts awake in space, this is the pillow that will jolt you out of the sleepiest daze. Millions of microcapsules inside are programmed to burst alive and vibrate when the main microprocessor senses you dozing into a dream state. If you don’t want to waste your life sleeping, this is the hypoallergenic spiral-crimped solution you’ve been dreaming about.
This is the exercise strider that provides a cardiovascular workout thats gentle on the joints yet buns bustin’ bitchin’ when it comes to the situation ‘round back. Designed by former olympian Bruce Jenner while performing community service in the Santa Barbara Elks Club annual retreat, this little unit folds conveniently under a bed or into a closet so when weeks roll by unused, it won’t take up valuable space for your other exercise equipment.
Carried inconspicuously in your favorite polyester slacks or woolen trouser pockets, this is the smallest umbrella available. Only 6” long when closed, the umbrella instantly deploys its generous 14” canopy with the push of a button. When used with our COLOSSAL COLLAR MAN JACKET OF SUEDE, you’ll be raindrop free through most storms that would have the audacity to come blowing your way.
Just a sock. A white sock.
$29.99 / pair or $19.99 each
Premium fruit, 100% organically grown, then genetically modified and expertly manipulated by our team of eager horticultural designers to enable each pear to magically produce a unique face image - just at their peak of delicious ripeness. See a face? You know it is time to snack.
6 / $29.95
Winner of the Parent’s Best Award for Creativity in the Bedroom, this little lamb teddy encourages your infant to close their tiny eyes and sleep. Our research has shown that young ones would rather sleep than look at an angry lamb face. This unique teddy generates 56 different sounds to lull infants to sleep - and keep ‘em there! Gentile versions of some of rock and country’s favorites like Smoke On The Water, Hell’s Bells, Cat Scratch Fever, and, How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Go Away, are sure bets when it comes to lullabies for the little ones.
Frogfolio & Aesop's

A few Saturdays ago, Jim Burke and his family were over for some dinner. Along with a fine bottle of wine, he brought a Frogfolio calendar project for me to create, due that coming Friday. Excited for sure, but I had a number of assignments due the same week. (Ugh!) Ah, the life of an illustrator!
The Frogfolio calendars will be available in September - online ordering info to come for all frog-loving parties interested.
A detail and sketches follow.

Re: the title of this piece - does anybody remember Flit? Or seeing the ad campaigns in old publications? It was bug killer in the late 20's to the 50's containing DDT in the later years. Theodor Suess Geisel created artwork for the long running campaign.
Many thanks to Jim Burke - I've admired the calendars he has art directed so well for so many years and am glad to be a part of this series. Jim and a number of illustrators have garnered something like 8 medals from the Society of Illustrators over the years for their calendar illustrations.
I am currently working on re-writing / re-interpreting and illustrating a collection of Aesop's Fables. This is a personal project that I am working on and will search for a publisher soon. Not really sure about the feasability of this, but it is worth a try! If anyone has a thought as to who or what publisher might have interest in this ballpark, I'd be eager to hear. (Thx!)

While some of the fables I am totally re-creating, the Bear / Grim Reaper stays pretty close to the original story, only substituting an old bear with blueberries for the old man: Old man carrying bundle of sticks throws them down in exhaustion asks for death to come take him. Death appears and asks, 'did you call me?" - to which the old man replies, "Oh, yes, would you help me pick up these sticks I have dropped?" Moral: Be careful what you wish for - or, We would often be sorry if our wishes were gratified...

Visit Your Local Mall Campaign
When Art Director Morten Jacobsen from Zing in Denmark contacted me about the Visit Your Local Mall campaign, I hung up the phone because I didn’t like the snarly tone in his voice. But luckily, he called back a few days later, sporting a new attitude and what must have been a fresh pair of slacks. Starting this month in over 2,900 malls across America (only malls consisting of no fewer than three stores and having at least one food court, snack van or vending capability on-site), the Visit Your Local Mall Today poster push begins. The object is simply to raise awareness of the importance - as well as the entertainment value - of shopping, and to attempt to jump-start our anemic economy, nudging our GDP upwards and slowing the rate of a sinking social morale. Some early results are in, and the numbers look good. Over 7% of those without pre-existing mall shopping experience have expressed interest in a possible mall visit “in the near or not-to-distant” future. This is a good thing.

Creative Director Bekka Gothersgade could not have been better to work with, although many of the late night calls veered off track a tad and got kind of personal for me (Hi Bekka!). And thanks to Senior Branding guru Erics Van Tuborgs for his insight and disturbing, sick sense of humor - without which, we could not have completed this on time.

So get out and shop! And don’t forget your wallet.

Visions of Europe Exhibition
Visions of Europe - an exhibition of 90 works of art - curated by artist, New Hampshire Institute of Art Illustration Chair (and Frogfolio Art Director!) Jim Burke, is up and on the walls through December 20, 2013

This exhibit features works from renown artists including Milton Glaser, Gary Kelley, Alan Feltus, Teresa Fasolino, Brad Holland, Jim Burke, Lani Irwin, Ellen Weinstein, Paul Rogers, Leigh Guldig, John Thompson, Rich Pellagrino, Giselle Potter, Roger DeMuth, Patrick McCay, Ryan O'Rourke, Allison Cole, Bill Cass, John S. Dykes, Damon Lehrer, Rick Berry, and NHIA students, faculty and alumni.
The exhibit and opening reception are free and open to the public.

The exhibition is located in the lobby at One New Hampshire Ave., Pease Tradeport, Portsmouth, NH and runs from Saturday, Nov. 2 through Friday, Dec. 20, 2013.
Hope you can make it - Here is a selection from the show.
John S. Dykes, 'Window Washer - Estonia' - Gouache and pastel.

Jim Burke

Milton Glaser

Gary Kelly

Etienne Delessert

Paul Rogers

Teresa Fasolino

Lani Irwin

Alan Feltus

Giselle Potter

Ellen Weinstein

Kyle Webster

Roger DeMuth

And here are a few more of my pieces for the show.
... Many thanks to Jim Burke and all at New Hampshire Institute of Art, where I have been teaching since September. This is my first teaching experience - Fridays only, so it is manageable(!)... I cannot believe the progress all my students have made. It has been a rewarding endeavor.
John S. Dykes, 'Three Trees' - gouache and pastel.

John S. Dykes, 'Benediktbeuern' (Bad Tolz, Bavaria, Germany)- gouache and pastel.

And now for something completely different... an earlier mixed media piece turned travel poster / print.

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