Tatsuro Kiuchi
2013 Masters
I was aware of this Golf Digest’s Masters project because some of the drawger members I admire had been writing about it. HOWEVER, I had never imagined that I would be the one to do it. What a surprise! Anyway… here it is. I submitted many rough sketches but ended up completing just these 4 pieces.
The 9th hole.
The 10th hole.
I must declare that I have never been to any golf courses in any countries in my life before, and this was my very first time ever to stand on the ground of what's called fairway. Obviously, I don't play golf myself and I don't even know the rules in detail as I don't watch golf on TV either. So I am grateful for the miracle that my first experience on the golf course was the Masters at the Augusta national golf club.

Immediately after I stepped out on to the fairway, I was stunned to see the hilly course with lots of ups and downs. I was imagining of more flat grounds. It took my breath away and this was one of the points that I wanted to express in my illustrations. Then, the cleanness and beauty of the course was astonishing. I thought of the quality of a Japanese miniature landscape garden carried out to the entire golf course. It was simply amazing. And trees. Shapes of these trees and brunches. They also reminds me of Japanese bonsai, that have been taken extra and meticulous care of. I felt the landscape, trees, golfers and patrons came together as a whole, and formed such an unbelievable world. Not to mention, just like everybody else, I was so marveled by those golfers masterful skills to pinpoint the aiming spots on difficult and sloped greens. What's also very interesting to me was the fact that even if you are on the course watching the game, you wouldn't be able to experience all the exciting moments like you would on TV. You might miss all of them depending on your position on the course. I heard great cheers arose many times everywhere, where I hadn't been attending.
The 7th hole.
The 15th hole.
Here are couple of sketches I made on-site.
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