Tatsuro Kiuchi
Kanreki Shonen
Here is my latest book cover assignment. It's a novel by Yuzuru Hirayama, and the story is about the old men's baseball league. All the players have to be the age of 60 years or older to participate, and there are more than 400 teams throughout Japan.
The title Kanreki Shonen means 60-year-old boys. People’s sixtieth birthday has special importance in the Japanese tradition. It’s been said that the 60-year-old person is once again a baby who is entering the next 60-year cycle based on completing a full cycle of the zodiac with its 12 animal years 5 times. It is a rebirth. We call baby “akachan,” and “aka" means “red.” So those lucky enough to reach 60 receive the traditional red cap, red chanchanko vest, etc. Red color is also used as a talisman against evil.
Long story short, I painted the ground red because red is the key color to those who are 60 years old. I also thought that the red cover would stand out in the bookstore shelves.
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