Tatsuro Kiuchi
Le chat et le casino
I wondered why a French magazine would ask a Japanese illustrator to illustrate a story by a famous French novelist. However, upon putting myself in their shoes, I came to think that it could be very interesting to assign foreign artists to illustrate famous Japanese novels. So, this was for Le chat et le casino, written by Françoise Sagan, published by the magazine MUZE. I certainly enjoyed working on the project.
My illustration in use.
Rough sketches. At this point, I determined to make the ground color look like gaming tables at casinos.
At this stage, everything was drawn and painted as I intended to, in terms of shapes and positions. I wasn't sure about the exact color scheme yet though I knew it was going to be somewhat greenish or blueish.
Shadows added as separate layers.
A texture layer inserted here. I thought it would give the trees interesting effects. By the way, my textures are all handmade traditionally using acrylic paints.
Set the texture layer to Color Dodge mode, opacity 47%.
Another texture brought in as a separate layer. I thought I should play with overall colors a little bit. So I adjusted Hue/Saturation of the layer and set it to Overlay mode, opacity 100%.
Final image.
I tried to show a little about my process, explaining how I used textures. To be frank, I am not really sure what layer mode does what effect. So what I usually do is switching layer modes one after another to see how images change accordingly.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can download and scrutinize my “unflattened” photoshop file of the above image (low-res). Beware though, there are too many layers!
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