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July 2009
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Tea Lounge: Union Street
Something from their other location.

sketchbook: Remembering The Tea Lounge 2
sketchbook: RememberingThe Tea Lounge
In my father's sketchbook

The Tea Lounge of 7th Ave and 10th St. Park Slope lost it's lease last year. Before that I spent many hours at coffee and drawing the other costumers. The work I did there serves as a record of what was for me a refuge and a place of a kind of artistic muse. Here is the first offering of some of the things I did there.

My Dad's sketchbook
My dad was very artsy-craftsy. He bound this book for sketching. After he passed away I found it. It only had two drawings in it. He was always doing stuff like this, he'd create something for making art and then do very little with it. I wanted to fill it with drawings. I felt would realize the sketcbook's original intent and complete it. It would also create a connection between our generations in art. In the coming days I will be showing some of the work I've done in it.

i don't know what these images are. The top on looks like scenes I saw in Pananma. I know he had been there earlier in 193?

The other looks like cababas at some vacation spot. His father taught typography at the New York High School of Industrial Arts, now Laguardia. Anyway summers were free to do this kind of thing.

Horns of a dilemma
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