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"Who's to Blame for the Gulf Oil Spill?: The Bush Administration's petro-bias soiled the Minerals Management Service, the agency charged with regulating offshore drilling, but President Obama's lack of oversight hasn't helped."

These are for Joe Klein's IN THE ARENA column in TIME magazine. The art director is Andree Kahlmorgan. Due to the last-minute immediacy of current events, the process in these usually entails my recieving the column at eleven o'clock on Wednesday morning. I work up 3-5 sketch ideas and send them off before noon. Approval generally arrives by one and the piece is turned in by five.

"The Tehran Tango: The U.S. has had something of a diplomatic success. But Iran still has nuclear ambitions."

 Sketches for me have always been simply suggestions of ideas. The composition and design of the piece comes in the doing.

"The Price of Opportunism: Arlen Specter's Tough Fight: Pennsylvania's switch-hitting Senator Arlen Specter suddenly faces a tough primary fight."


"Management 101: What the Democrats Need to Learn
Democrats care more about making laws than making them work. That needs to change."

 I recieved this e-mail shortly after this piece was published. Mr. Barnett had me on every count.
Dear Stephen,

In regards to your political illustration, on page 19 of the May 17, 2010 TIME- "In the Arena," piece "Management 101," by Joe Klein, did you intentionally mirror reverse the turtles front leg as part of the photo montage (would you tell me if you did it by accident anyway LOL!), thus rendering it's wrist joint backward? See eastern box turtle in attached photo with proper alignment. No shell game there :-). Just caught my eye, as a biologist. . .it immediately looked odd. I can live with the wrong tail on same piece, LOL. But I have seen many of your pieces, and normally your arms/legs/heads are at least properly jointed- even if they come from several sources.

Kenneth E. Barnett


"The Test in Afghanistan: The battle for Kandahar province, the Taliban's center of gravity, will decide the war."
Joe Klein: "A few days after my story about the efforts to reopen the Pir Mohammed School — closed by the Taliban in 2007 — in the Kandahar province town of Senjaray was published, I received a jubilant e-mail from Captain Jeremiah Ellis, commander of the U.S. forces there. The school was now occupied by his troops and being renovated. "Huge groups of onlookers turn out to see what is going on," Ellis wrote. "Their initial questions are, 'Are you building a new coalition strongpoint?', 'Are you preparing to clear the town, one house at a time?' I tell them that we are here to clean the school, paint it, repair the windows and doors and place books, teachers, chalkboards and pencils into the rooms ... They are ecstatic."


"Harvesting Democracy in Afghanistan: With the Taliban uprooted from Marjah, will McChrystal's "government in a box" bear fruit?"

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