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MONOCLE: Vietnam Speak Out. 1965. Editor: Victor S. Navasky "Our first Emergency Bulletin is this special Brushfire War Issue on Vietnam. Our contributors include such distinguished satirists as Dean Rusk, Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Milhouse Nixon, Robert Strange McNamara and many others. While these man are not usually recognized as humorists, they could not have been serious when they predicted, in some cases more than ten years ago, that victory was just around the corner. Considering the perilous realities of combat, some may question the taste of this levity by responsible government officials. Nevertheless, as a satire publication we feel an obligation to give our readers the funniest stuff in the field.---The Editors"
 We could use "A leisurely journal of political satire" today.

Caption: January 2, 1954 "I fully expect the defeat of the Communist Union after six more months of hard fighting."---General Henri-Eugene Navarre, French Commander in Chief

Caption: January 8, 1955 "U.S. officials believe that reforms in South Vietnam could tip the scales in favor of the free world in the all-Vietnam elections due in July, 1956."---The New York Times

Caption: March 9, 1955 "I was much impressed by Minister Diem of free Vietnam. He is a true patriot, dedicated to independence and the enjoyment of his people of political and religious freedom."---John Foster Dulles

Caption: December 18, 1955 "...with a little more training the Vietnam army will be the equal of any other in its abitlity to combat the enemy."---Wilbur Brucker, U.S. Secretary of the Army

Caption: July 7, 1956 "...the militant march of communism has been halted."---Richard M. Nixon
Caption: September 20, 1956 "We, today, point to the free nation of Vietnam."---Dwight D. Eisenhower

Caption: January 12, 1963 "I am confident the Vietnamese are going to win the war. (The Vietcong face) inevitable defeat."--- Admiral Harry D. Felt, CINCPAG

Caption: January 31, 1963 "The war in Vietnam is going well and will succeed."---Robert McNamara
Caption: March 9, 1963 "(The war in Vietnam is) turning an important corner...government forces clearly have the initiative in most areas of the country."---Dean Rusk

Caption: May 8, 1963 "The corner has definitley been turned toward victory in South Vietnam."---Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense
Caption: June 12, 1963 "South Vietnam is on its way to victory over communist guerillas."---Frederick E. Nolting, U.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam

Caption: June 30, 1964 "The war in Vietnam is on the right track."---Henry Cabot Lodge
Caption: August 13, 1964 "Overall reports for July seemed to indicate an upward turn in the general war effort."---Maxwell Taylor, U.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam
Caption: January 2, 1965 "I expect 1965 to be a better year for United States interests in South Vietnam."---Maxwell Taylor

Caption: January 17, 1965 "They also do a disservice who deny that much has been achieved; that the military program, the economics program, the social program, the informational program, and the technical programs have all accomplished much, have indeed built the springboards of victory."---Henry Cabot Lodge

Caption: March 28, 1965 "The situation in South Vietnam has generally improved since the end of last year."---Maxwell Taylor

Caption: July 5, 1965 "If we can get the Vietcong to stand up and fight we will blast him..."---General William C. Westmorland, U.S. Commander of South Vietnam
Caption: July 5, 1965 "We can go in and tear pure hell out of the Vietcong."--- Brigadier General Ellis Williamson, 173rd Airborne Brigade

Caption: August 11,1965 "...intimates of President Johnson confide that he is more optimistic today about eventual success than at any time since the election."---The New York Herald Tribune

Caption: August 27, 1965 "American planners are convinced that they have avoided military defeat...they believe they have found the instruments and techniques for fighting effectively om the fringes of Asia against guerrilla limited warfare."---James Reston, The New York Times
The booklet closes with the following quote: May 17, 1954 "We will insist upon clear explanations of the policies in which we are asked to cooperate. We will insist that we and the American people be treated as adults - that we have the facts without sugar coating."---Senator Lyndon B. Johnson

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