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MORE early Philip Burke
Alexander Haig, Secretary of State under Reagan (Village Voice)
George Steinbrenner
Bill Cosby (Village Voice)
Frank Sinatra
Prince (Village Voice)
Elvis Costello (Village Voice)
another Elvis Costello (Village Voice)
Joe Jackson. Inspired by the success of Keith Haring, Burke took to carrying a thick black felt tip pen everywhere he went and was drawing caricatures on public places. This was drawn on the wall of a studio where Joe Jackson was recording his NIGHT AND DAY album. It was photographed and used as the image for the sleeve of Jackson's single "Breaking Us in Two." Philip was uncredited. Philip created the cover art for Jackson's NIGHT AND DAY lp which was why he was permitted to troll around that studio in the first place.
unknown tea drinker. Maybe someone out there can identify this person.
Ronald Reagan and Muammer Kaddafi (Village Voice)
Ronald and Nancy Reagan (The Progressive)
Ronald Reagan
Battered layout page of Reagans for unpublished magazine "MEAT." These were drawn from television during one of Reagan's State of the Union addresses. This was going to be for a self-published DYI magazine of Philip's and my work but in the end we were more focused on making the images and laying it out than we were in seeing the publication process through. When I say published I mean xeroxed.
Senator Jeremiah Denton (Mobilization for Survival)
soldier (The Progressive)
Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran (Harper's)
NYC Mayor Ed Koch and New York Senator Alfonse D'Amato (Village Voice)
The above and following are from a series of studies for an illustration of Jerry Lee Lewis. There are more, perhaps for a later post.
James Hamilton photo of Jerry Lee that provided the source for the drawing above. As you can see, one is not the other and they are both fantastic.
Jerry Lee 2 (detail)
Jerry Lee 3
Jerry Lee 4
The next are drawings of me. This is me with Philip heavily under the sway of Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein.
Me and Picasso. Burke was very much into the book "Pablo Picasso LES DEJEUNERS" at this point. If you can find a copy----POUNCE! The book collects 165 drawings by Picasso based on Manet's "Dejeuner sur l'Herbe." It was very influential in Burke's own process of doing up to eighty caricatures for a single job and letting the art director select their favorite for publication. Philip was under the spell of Picasso in general as were/are we all.
Again me in an early experiment with color
From the same series as above.
restaurant patrons. I have a pile of these and may do an entire post of them down the road.
One last. This is a sketch that Philip did for an illustration job. In the finish Philip redrew in ink the black and white part and I collaged the color part. The job, sketch and concept were Philip's. I don't have a copy of the published piece.

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