Stephen Kroninger
November 2011
NY TIMES: It's The Kids
It’s Not the Carriers, It’s the Kids by Michelle Higgins. This appeared in the Travel section of yesterday's NEW YORK TIMES. A follow-up piece to Are We There Yet? When Families Fly which was published a couple of weeks ago. The author selected readers e-mail responses to the previous article. It begins, "HORRIBLE. Annoying. Distasteful. Miserable. These are a few of the words used by readers to describe traveling with children — whether their own or someone else’s —"
 Once again this was art directed by Corrine Myllar. It's always a pleasure working with her.

 The sketch which was slightly altered while working. The children are no longer being put into the bin by passengers in the final. They're being shut in for takeoff by a flight attendant.
 A second sketch for my benefit. I didn't adhere to this one either. For the finish I dropped one kid, moved another, added luggage and the aforementioned flight attendant. I also repositioned the adult passengers to their assigned seats.
 This piece was done in photoshop. It's 147 layers.
A Child's Book of the Teeth

A CHILD'S BOOK of the TEETH by Harrison Wader Ferguson, D.D.S., Illustrated by the Author (World Book Company, originally published 1918, this edition 1932)

Gary Panter box

 A few years ago I bought a small drawing from Gary Panter. He decided to hand deliver it. Along the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan he got stuck on the subway and started drawing on the box that contained the drawing. This is the box.

 A few envelopes from over the years.


The New York Times Travel section, art directed by Corinne Myller. Are We There Yet? When Families Fly. 
The first two images deal with the difficulties of traveling with young children on domestic flights. The third is about all the goodies, care and attention those same aged children recieve on international flights.
 I've worked with Corinne several times over the years and I can't say enough what a great pleasure it always is. She's just wonderful both as an art director and as, well, as who she is. We spend as much time talking about family and what's going on in our lives as we do on the project at hand. Which is not to say she isn't focuse on the work. She is. Completely. Did I mention what a great pleasure it is working with her?

 This first sketch was a doodle for my reference. A first thought after reading through the article.
 This second sketch is the one I sent to Corinne. As some of you know, I don't like to nail down every detail of a piece in a sketch. Collage is improvisational. I prefer making up the images and composition as I go along. Here the central characters (Mother and child) as well as the guy reading a book a book with his elbows exending past the armrests are the only three to appear.

For the book I took an iPhone photo of the one I'm currently reading, The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry edited by Rita Dove.

The man with the headphones is based on my friend Tunde. His clothes are the ones he's wearing in the music video below. The tie came from a screen grab as did his glasses. I would have hated to have gotten those things wrong.
As a side note this depiction is also partly based on my own experience. When I fly I generally spend the entire trip listening through my Bose noise reduction headphones to the iPod I loaded up with old radio shows (Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, Mercury Theater, Studio One, Best Plays, CBS Radio Workshop, Bob and Ray, Jean Shepherd etc). For this section of the piece, however, I listened to TV on the Radio's Nine Types of Light several times.

 A few more iPhone photos employed here including my wife's bag for her laptop and her iPhone. I have an older model iPhone. I didn't want the woman to appear out of date.

 The sketch for the image above was merely an indication for my purposes. A note. I sent Corinne updates of the entire process as it went along so a more detailed sketch for this image wasn't needed.

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