Linzie Hunter
April 2007
Roadside Attractions
I hope one day to do a proper American road trip.  When I was a foolhardy student, I set off on my own mini version ( Boston >  NYC > Phily > D.C > Atlanta > Memphis > Miami > St Louis > Chicago ) but lack of time and mostly money, meant that I never made it to the WEST  coast.   I recently found the travel journal from this trip which made some pretty interesting reading.. its a bewildering insight into 19 year old Linzie.  I don't remember a lot of what I'd written about and it felt strangely like reading someone else's diary.
Anyways, I guess quirky and kitschy tourist attractions have also held my interest.  Heres a little map project I set myself...  I've probably employed a fair bit of artistic license and taken the odd liberty or two.  I still feel the urge to teak, change and correct a few things  but I've put it  to one side as yesterday all the text and pixel-pushing gave me a cracking migraine...

larger version:
Tuck Shop
A couple of months ago I did this sketch for a kids publisher which never got past the roughs stage due to contractual issues (e.g. I wasn't prepared to part with copyright for the fee offered)

To be fair, they did honour the rejection/cancellation fee clause and I was happy to walk away with my drawing. 

A 'tuck shop' for those not familiar with the phrase is basically a hole-in-the-wall affair where schools (or youth clubs) sell snacks and unhealthy crap to their pupils.  I remember my own schools 'tucky'  very well .... and the excitement every year at Christmas when kids would scan their purchase with Willy Wonka style enthusiasm for a lucky sticker meaning that you'd won an even larger box of chocolate. 

I'm sure since the healthy eating reforms in schools here, this sort of things is probably very much a thing of the past.
adventures in halftones!
I'd quite enjoyed doing it so rather than resigning it to my "things to file away one day" folder on my desktop, I decided to play around with it a bit.  The original brief called for a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks, so being my own AD now I was able to leave the healthy stuff out!
now in duo-color!
the tuck shop that took over the world.
I'm still very much a novice when it comes to screen printing and still find my sessions at the print studio a slightly stressful affair... but thought I'd give it a pop...
Stamps from Mongolia
I thought I'd share these stamps from Mongolia which I got in a lucky dip stamp assortment.

I know zip about stamps or collecting them but think they are pretty delicious and worth sharing.

Greek Art Theft!
When I was at uni I took a whole semester of Greek Art of which I have absolutely no recollection.  While having a clear out the other day I found a pile of old art history essays which I don't remember writing either.   Hmmm... Gothic Art & Architecture and Colonial American Art are pretty blurry memories too. 

Anyways, after flicking through an old Greek Art book (did I buy that?)  these funny little terracotta sculptures caught my eye...
And 'inspired' me...
I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with it, but it was a good challenge working in only a few colours.
Not like when I were a lass...
I was sad to discover that I look less 'sexy librarian' and more 'thelma from scooby doo'.
March was a funny month for me.  I'd been struggling with working at computer for a while as I began to notice there was something not quite right with my vision.  Its partly the reason I haven't posted anything in a while as typing for any length of time has been giving me bad headaches.

At first I just put it down to eye strain but as things weren't getting any better I booked myself in for an eye test, and discovered that I have one eye mildly shortsighted and one mildly longsighted.  And basically its confusing my brain.  Hardly a superhero skill, is it?

Anyways, I have new specs now though my brain still hasn't adapted...

suddenly everyones wearing glasses
Excuses for not blogging aside, heres a rush job I did last week for an education supplement with The Guardian
It was sort of a complicated brief.  I had to illustrate the ideas laid out in an flowchart type infographic created by the QCA regarding reform to the school curriculum... basically about a broader types of subjects, flexible teaching for each student, and more involvement within the community, etc

I think originally the flowchart was going to be printed then pulled, hence the 24 hour deadline.  With this amount of detail it would have been handy to have a little more time, but sometimes it's good just to get your head down and get on with it.

It's all different then when I was a school and I had to double check all the subject abbreviations... there was no 'D&T' or 'Citizenship' when I was at high school and French was just French and not 'Modern Foriegn Languages'.  Apparently Mandarin is the MFL of choice these days.

At my school there was just a lot of metalwork and home economics...oh and secretarial studies.  I still have no idea where the home keys are though.
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