Linzie Hunter
Daily Drawings
Over the last month or so I've been making a concerted effort to do about an hour (most often less) of daily drawing in my sketchbook and wanted to share some of these with you.  I've been trying to use a variety of ink brush pens and keep the drawing quite loose and quick.
Thanks for looking!
"marvellous party!"
Disappointing Fireworks display.
Crocodile walk.
I took this one to colour...
It's a sloth rather than a deformed monkey.
Some new coin designs for the Royal Mint!
I turned this drawing into a 4 frame looping animation.
Fancy faces
"Took the high road"
small faces.
That's all folks!
I've been posting these regularly on twitter and instagram. Thanks!
More Treats, Less Tricks!
Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!
Accidental Pig Week
It started with a few ink doodles in my sketchbook...
Who doesn't enjoy a drawing of a pig in a hat?  The fat guy in the middle got coloured first.
I've been trying to keep colour work a bit looser and have been aiming for a more painterly effect in Photoshop.  Here he is looking pretty pleased with himself.
Next up the little guy on soapbox.  MMMmmm, Bacon.
I also like working in just 2-3 colours.  These are 2 colours with an overlay.
Pig week continued and to keep going I fuelled up on several cheese and ham toasties.  (Sorry Veggies!)
I realised that I hadn't drawn very many lady pigs so went back to the sketchbook.
A quick first sketch:
Cleaner ink outline:
Final colour artwork...
And finally on Sunday, I celebrated the end of Pig Week with a bag of these:
Thanks Pig Lovers!  Let's do it all over again next year!
Sketchbook Mugshots
Aside from my usual hand-lettering, I've been trying to develop my work in other areas.  I've really been enjoying devoting daily time to sketchbook drawing.  It's something that I know is vital but it's also the first thing to get sacrificed when things get busy.
I've been drawing a lot with various brush pens and experimenting with efficient ways to add colour on the computer.  For a long time I've always found that my pencil sketches tighten up too much as soon as I try to colour them so I've also been trying to loosen up a little bit in Photoshop.
Here are some little head and shoulders doodles, I've taken to colour artwork.
(I've also been sharing my daily drawings on twitter and instagram.)
old school hunk.
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