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See Where the Stars Live!
When a map job comes in I sometimes have mixed feelings about it.  If you like to travel (which indeed I do), it's a nice way to research an unvisited city or country and I do find it fun trying to figure out interesting ways to illustrate landmarks and geographical features.
The downside is that this often involves quite a bit of extra research and fact-checking for me and a complicated map (or street-maps, especially) tend to demand a really strict attention to detail when proof-reading names. There's nothing more embarrassing than putting Birmingham where Manchester should be. Not that I would go do anything so silly, as I won awards at high school for geography after all.
Anyway, I'm going off point.  What I was trying to say was that one of the most recent map jobs I took on was a bit different in this respect and allowed a whole lot more creative freedom.
I was contacted last month by the very lovely design team at VH1 to create some imaginary maps in the style of those "See where the stars live" type tour guides.  My illustrations would form part of their promotional "liner notes", a regular mailout adverting tv shows from the current and coming season.
I was still given a list of features (and tv shows) to illustrate but this time round, I could place them where I liked in an imaginary map...
Map 1 had a family theme. Here is my artwork with spaces for text and *celeb* photos.

Map 1 had more of a showbiz theme. Here is my artwork with spaces for text and *celeb* photos. This was a bit of a first for me as I'm rarely (never) asked to illustrate tanks and military helicopters!

The final map (front) and neat packaging.

The final map (reverse)

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