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My Butt and Thighs
Anyone that knows me, knows that I'd never stoop so low as to add such a scandalous attention-seeking headline to my post without good reason.
Here's some fun and light hearted work I've been doing as part of an ongoing print campaign for Skinny Cow with the lovely team at JWT in New York.
Probably don't need to say too much more... And apologies to anyone (?) who may feel slightly misled.

Earth Day (a little belated)
Apart from being "Good Friday" last Friday was also Earth Day and to mark the occasion, I was commissioned to do the cover for the Green Issue of Where Magazine.  Where magazine is a guidebook style publication found in hotels and tourist centres around the globe.

With potentially 43 different markets in mind, I was briefed to create a typographic cover and was given a list of 'green' words and phrases to get me started. I was asked to incorporate this into a tree shaped design and to leave space for two photos which would change depending on the city edition.

I find it a bit tricky to sympathetically incorporate illustration with photographs in cases where you don't know what the final photos will be so for the initial rough I went with some basic (if albeit obvious) wooden frames for the photos to sit inside...

This is only the rough sketch so the lettering all looks a bit messy - this stage is usually more about me getting a feel for the overall layout.  I'll go back and tidy up (and in with some cases, completely re-do) the lettering later.

I quite liked the woody DIY quality here and liked having the WHERE logo sit amongst the tree top but alas it was not to be.

After discussion amongst the editors, I was asked to go a slightly different way and make the tree out of letters, rather than have the lettering sitting within the tree.  It was suggested that all of the tree could be made out of phrases but I experimented a bit and felt that that looked a little forced and came up with a design that just saw the words sitting on top of an illustrated tree trunk.  I was a wee bit happy to hear that there wasn't going to be any photos so didn't need to worry about leaving space for that now.

I tweaked the roughs to show two versions with contrasting backgrounds...

It had been my thought that any headlines could be added in the gap below the tree, but at this stage we got into a bit of discussion on whether or not I would be available to create some custom lettering.  This would mean removing some of the phrases and replacing it with custom text for different editions.

Although this would mean more work and probably a quick turnaround,  I did like idea as (totally big-headily) I don't always feel standard fonts sit so well along side hand-lettering.  Maybe I just feel that perfectly scaled, kerned and leaded lettering really shows my work up :-)
The darker of the two was approved and I proceeded to final art.  I was also asked to emphasise "The Green Issue" wording a bit more.  The tree looks a bit egg-shaped but this is to allow the WHERE logo to sit at the top...
In the end I heard back that it wasn't going to be possible for me to create custom lettering.  I'm not sure if this was a budget issue or just the logistics of it all.
I was asked to remove some of the text to make space for editorial text and to introduce some more blue shades into the mix...
Here is the final cover, shown here on the San Francisco version.

I was a little sad that we weren't able to make the custom lettering work as I do think it would have looked good, but I'm also realistic about the practicalities of doing so.  My own other tiny gripe was that I'd have liked the lettering of the tree not to have overlapped the WHERE logo so much.  This is purely because I had it in mind for the lettering pop against a largely dark background and not white but perhaps that's me just being a too picky.

Overall, it was still a good experience and fun assignment to work on!

Ferris Wheel of Fun

I was recently contacted by Lymari Acevedo, the new AD at AAA Traveler magazine about creating some lettering and illustration for a douple page feature about attractions and theme parks in California.
Lymari liked the Coney artwork I created a couple of years ago and suggested that it should have the same sort of feel.
Sometimes I'll do the rough for a job just in pencil, but quite often with this sort of commission, particularly when there's a lot of lettering, I'll work directly in photoshop and in colour.
I was given a pdf with a rough layout of where the copy would go which helped me know how much space I had to work with.  At this point, I'm not really tied to any exact colour scheme but I picked a couple of colours (pink/blue) for now as I find it hard to get a feel for this sort of layout if I work only in grayscale.
My rough with the copy added on top.

I was given a pdf with a rough layout of where the copy would go which helped me know how much space I had to work with.  At this point, I'm not really tied to any exact colour scheme but I picked a couple of colours (pink/blue) for now as I find it hard to get a feel for this sort of layout if I work only in grayscale.
The AD suggested making the background yellow.  I figured this would work well If I went with some brighter "fun-fair" type colours.
My final artwork

How it appears in print.

I got an email from Lymari to say it had been very well received which was lovely to hear as it had been a really fun job to work on.
(Not an) IT Expert
One of the great things about doing lettering work is that you don't always have to have a complete grasp on the subject you're illustrating.  This is especially true when doing editorial work and you're given some copy thats loaded with technical or business terminology and info.

Here's a recent illustration I did for IT Expert magazine on the subject of network security.  While I did get the general gist of the feature, I have to admit to not knowing ALL the terms used. But anyways, I still really enjoyed working on this cover.
My rough for the cover...
The final cover... not too many changes really...
101 Things to Eat, See and Do...
Hi All, I've been a bit lazy of late with the blogging so hopefully will make up for it in the next few weeks :)

I was recently contacted by the very nice people at Balitmore Magazine to create their very first fully illustrated cover and a batch of illustrations for the main feature.  While I've done quite a few book covers in the last couple of years, I don't often get asked to do magazine covers so this was a cool job to do.

My b/w rough for the cover. We went through a few different colour combinations and tweaks but the final didn't change much from my original sketch.
Some of the illustrations I created for the 101 Things feature...

Baltimore Airport
Roller Derby Girls
Friendly Tattoo Museum Owner
Phyllis' hair salon
Night time walks
Mt Washington Octagon
Opening DPS illustration
All in all, one of those fun jobs, working with a great art department  and with no major problems. :)

Greeting cards...
A wee while back, my lettering sketchbooks on flickr were featured in Creative Review Magazine.  Sometimes with these things you either get lots of postive feedback or hear doodly pip.  Luckily this time, it brought in a few nice jobs which were a bit different to my normal digital work.
Before Christmas I was commissioned by Woodmansterne Cards here in the UK to create three cards aimed at the teenage/student market.  The brief was pretty open but  I was asked that they should look have the doodley feel of my sketchbooks.
For someone who works digitally a lot of the time, it was nice to just play around with marker pens and not the computer. Even better that they liked what I did with the "sketches" -- not often for me that the roughs ARE the final art.
Mmmm Hamburgers
Front (Agency: Barkley)
A quick post about a fun job I did a wee while ago for Sonic Drive-ins. If you're in the mid-west and of a certain demographic, you might find this insert in your magazine. These are good jobs for me, bit of hand lettering and a bit of illustration.
Dear Santa...
One of the great things about being freelance is that you never know what the next job will be...
During the summer I did a bit of fun lettering as part of the current Christmas print campaign for Gillette for AMV BBDO
Although not the toughest lettering jobs I've ever done, I just want to say that drawing convincingly like a child was actually a bit harder than I thought. After doing a bit of research, I was really surprised by the huge range of writing styles a class of 6 year olds deliver -- from quite neat and easily understandable to something that might pass as borderline psychopath. For this job I submitted quite a few styles per person and also did versions in other languages for the European market.
Linzie, age 32
Some of my best work this year. How cool to work in crayon!!
I also supplied some "illustrations" to go in the background. I worry about how much pleasure I got out of these actually.
Back by Popular Demand!
Back by popular demand - not a phrase I get to say all that often.

My first set of alphabet tea towels I created with Yuko at sold out in a couple of hours, so Yuko has whipped up a second edition in new colour combinations.

Hopefully anyone who missed out the first time, can pick one up today.
Globe 100
A couple of weeks back I was contacted by Greg Klee at the Boston Globe to do a bit of lettering this years Globe100 magazine featuring the best businesses in Massachusetts.

This year marks its 20th anniversary and I was asked to illustrate the magazines title for a column which looked back over different industries in the region over the last 20 years.  Greg referenced the piece below that he had seen on Illoz, for colour scheme and feel.

I worked on some lettering on the computer and also on paper using some nice  pentel brush pens which I have become quite addicted to buying.
Some roughs using the lettering samples and lots of scanned papers.
The Final version. Ta da.
It was a fun, stress free gig and Greg was very nice to work with to boot.

Rob D was kind enough to drop me an email today when he saw the finished piece in print... It was nice that he recognised it as my work even though they seem to have missed off my credit.
Fortified With Optimism!
A cool animated commerical for SoyJoy Bars by Portland based animation studio Laika and British Illustrator Simon Peplow

If you hang around for the final couple of seconds you'll see the wee bit of lettering I did for the campaign.
Client: RPA
Address Book Sketch Book
Cath Kidson Spotty Address Book gets a felt-tip make over
I've been clearing out my book cases and found 7 empty and/or out-of-date address books and diaries.

I feel really bad throwing them away, especially as they we mostly given to me as gifts... but really, how many address books do you need?

Got to find a use for them all...
brush and marker pen fun
Patapri Collaboration
One of the great things about the internet is being able to communicate and collaborate with other illustrators and artists in other continents.

I recently worked (albeit remotely) with Yuko Uemura ,a designer and printer originally from Tokyo but now living in Chicago.

Regular Etsy shoppers are probably already familiar with her range of lovely hand printed textiles -

Anyways, with her top stichin'  and printin' skiills,  we turned the image above into these nifty household essentials...
Tea towels are the new black
Available in 3 different colour choices they are limited to just 50 and are available from Patapri online store from next week.

Fairly priced at $14 each.  Get 'em while they are... ummm... dry?
Thanks Yuko - you did a fantastic job!
Say Goodbye Love Failures & Loneliness!
Update: The second half of my contribution to is now available too.
Apologies to my fellow drawgers for the shameless self promotion!
Laura L. recently blogged about her lovely Birds of the Rockies print available through Jen Beckman's 20x200  and I was delighted to be asked to contribute to the project too.

My limited edition print of Enter the world of Boundless Sensual Enjoyments*  and Say Goodbye to Love Failures and Loneliness are both on sale from today with small prints priced at the highly afford $20.

Small - Edition of 200
Medium - Edition of 20
Large - Edition of 2

All editions come with a certificate of authenticity.

*Gents - Why not hang this on your door and really impress the ladies?
New York Times Magazine Interview
A wee while ago I posted some experiments with lettering based on spam subject lines. Since then I have received lots of nice feedback and email requests for postcards or prints. 

A couple of weeks ago I was also contacted by Rob Walker  ( who writes for the NYT Magazine) asking if he could interview me for his Consumed column.  The article is in print this weekend, but for those (like myself) on the wrong side of the pond, the article is online here.
Illustration by Peter Arkle...
I'm also happy to announce that just in time for Christmas some of the series are now available to buy as prints via Thumbtack Press with two limited edition prints also available soon via
Surely grandma just love one of these for christmas.
Thanks very much to all the nice people who have blogged about my work, including Boing Boing, Wired, Craft, Core 77, Netdiver and Drawn!
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