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New Children's Books

MAY 13, 2010
Two children's books that I illustrated are out this month.  On the heels of Because You Are My Baby by Sherry North (Abrams 2008) and City I Love by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Abrams 2009), are Because I Am Your Daddy (sic) by Sherry North (Abrams 2010) - a sequel to Because You Are My Baby - and The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson (Simon & Schuster 2010).  Attached here are spreads from both books.  The style in The Cow Loves Cookies is different from that in the other book.  The publisher for The Cow Loves Cookies deemed my style "too retro" (this means too much yellow and not enough Photoshop I think) and I was urged to modernize (with black lines and a looser, wackier look).  Simultaneously, I was encouraged to make the farmer more conventional than the skinny farmer I had originally sketched.  This Saturday morning I head to Best Bargain Books in Ronkonkoma, Long Island for a book signing and presumably some children's activities.  I might give the kids a demonstration of watercolor technique.  I'm sure they already know Photoshop.