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FEBRUARY 28, 2011
February 22nd marks the release of “The First Line,” my album of new music on Glacial Pace Recordings (www.glacialpace.com).  The album - which comes in CD, vinyl, and digital formats – is accompanied by a 44-page booklet of original art.
My aim in making the art was to have it reflect the music and unify the package.  My usual “comic” style of drawing wasn't applicable so I combined photos and drawings to create montages that were interspersed with lyric excerpts.  The goal was to suggest a narrative and evoke a mood rather than to spell either of them out.  The songs themselves are impressionistic and so the art is too.
There is a streaming version of the song “Laughing With You” on the Glacial Pace website: http://glacialpace.com/bands/marcellus-hall/
On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9th my band and I will celebrate the release of the album with a free show at Bowery Electric in New York City (http://theboweryelectric.com/).  The evening starts at 730.  Art from the album package will be on display and, if all goes as planned, we’ll debut the animated video that is in production right now.  Everyone is invited! 
Attached here are pages from the album package and 2 stills from the animated video.