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MAY 6, 2013

My band and I have been raising funds for our album in progress: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/442775662/marcellus-halls-next-album-0.  Please take a minute to watch the funny video.  I'm offering books and original art as rewards. 
There are only 24 hours remaining in the campaign!  Tuesday May 8th is the last day to contribute. 

Thanks to 150 people, we have surpassed our goal of $5000.  But any amount we raise above this is welcomed and accepted.   Our initial goal covers the bare minimum of costs that can go into making an album.  With additional support we will be able to afford a publicist or videographer, hire the services of a good mixing and mastering facility, and compensate the musicians.  

A large part of this campaign has been to gather "psychic" support.  Knowing that people are awaiting the result of our efforts is inspiring immeasurably.

Finally, a donation is, in effect, a pre-order for the album.  We are excited about the new songs and are confident that others will enjoy them.