Marcos Chin
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August 2009
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the invite! Here's my first post!
"Imagining Mozambique" is a traveling fundraising group show that will premier at Maxalot gallery in Amsterdam on August 27, 2009.

"Colonization, civil war, natural disaster and economic instability have plagued Mozambique (for decades) which has led to widespread uncertainty for tomorrow's youth. What can the children of today in Mozambique create to change their 21st century? Will the future be bright? Or will the cycle of despair continue?"
Eleven artists from around the world were asked to create a piece that would help to enlighten the public to the every day life of the children of Mozambique, in hopes to inspire awareness and positive action in some capacity.

The image that I created for this exhibit represents an optimistic portrait of the children in Mozambique. I purposely chose to keep the image figurative and narrative so that it could tell a story similar to the way in which it might be told in a children's (story)book. The children here are full of hope; food and water are abundant, and they are spreading goodness and positivity to one another, celebrating and partaking in it.

Maxalot Gallery
Haringpakkerssteeg 10-18 Amsterdam

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