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Mark Matcho - Holga Fotos

Holga Fotos

Some stuff I shot recently with a Holga- a cheap, primitive, Chinese-made, medium-format film camera with a plastic lens, one f-stop, and one shutter speed. Which suits me just fine actually, as I barely know what that stuff does, anyway-
Mark Matcho - Misfortune Cookies

Misfortune Cookies

Mark Matcho - Postcards


Some stuff that I sent out as promotional material, at one point in time or another.
Mark Matcho - Rejected Sketches

Rejected Sketches

Who knows why some ideas don't make the cut? I certainly don't, and if I did, I'd probably keep it under my hat.
Mark Matcho - Delusions Of Grandeur

Delusions Of Grandeur

Exploring The World Of Alternative Advertising Venues The odds are, that I won't have a billboard in Pasadena with my name on it anytime soon, unless I open a carpet cleaning business, or become a bail bondsman or something. But dammit, a man can dream.
Mark Matcho - Dexterity Puzzles

Dexterity Puzzles

For a while last year, I got into making these dexterity puzzles. I found these little boxes at The Container Store, scored some BBs at a local Big 5 Sporting Goods and had at it. I had big dreams of founding an empire; of helping to usher in a wave of dexterity puzzle mania that would sweep the nation. Actually completing each puzzle proved to be rather along-winded affair however; the holes were hard to cut out, it involved breathing in alot of spray adhesive, and sometimes I'd get through the cutting, trimming, re-trimming, and gluing process to find that I'd glued the box shut without putting the BBs in first, or I'd put in too many or too few BBs or something. After sending em out to about a dozen people or so, I decided to move on to other endevours.