Michael Sloan
Upcoming Zen of Nimbus Exhibit
Please come to my Zen of Nimbus exhibit at the Mitchell Library branch of the New Haven Free Public Library, from Monday, May 8 - Friday, June 30. There will be an opening on Monday, May 8 at 6 PM. The address is 37 Harrison St., New Haven, CT.

Hong Kong Mid-Levels mag.
My Hong Kong sketchbook work is currently featured in Hong Kong's Mid-Levels magazine.

Welcome to the New World
I’m currently working with the author Jake Halpern on Welcome to the New World, a graphic narrative that documents the lives of a Syrian refugee family who have recently arrived in the U.S. It appears frequently in The New York Times / Sunday Review. You can see all the episodes at
"Where Are All the Other Muslims?" published 2/26/2017.
Travels of Nimbus paintings
Here are some of my paintings on wood panel featuring Nimbus, the character from my graphic novels and comics. The paintings are about 14" x 20", and are based on my Travels of Nimbus series that I've been working on for several years. I love working on these paintings. They take about 6-8 weeks to complete and require a more relaxed way of working that is a nice complement to editorial assignments with quick deadlines. I'm preparing for 2 exhibits in the next year and am in a groove to complete several more of these soon.
To see more of this work, visit my Zen of Nimbus website.
Aldo's Dream.

Nimbus and the Wright Glider.

Nimbus and the Gargoyle.

Nimbus and the Amsterdam Concert.

Nimbus in Gotham.

Nimbus on the Carousel of Disgruntled Animals.

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