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My First Postcard

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006
While digitally archiving some old work, I found the very first postcard I ever printed as a self-promo piece. I mailed it in 1990 to perhaps a couple hundred contacts which I gleaned from sitting with piles of newspapers and magazines at a bookstore in Manhattan.  The mailing got me a few jobs from the Washington Post and Boston Globe.  It's a pen and ink drawing; by this time I'd realized the impossibility of creating detailed engravings and woodcuts under tight deadlines, and was using pen and ink instead. Working in color wasn't even on my radar at that point. I'd just spent a few years working as a printmaker in Venice and Paris; doesn't it show? I love this image, it says to me "farewell to the old, hello to the new" which was very much the way I felt back then after moving to NYC.