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My Endless New York

NOVEMBER 16, 2010

Jennifer Daniel at the NY Times Op-Ed page called last week with an assignment to illustrate an essay by the late Tony Judt on what New York City meant to him. You can link to his essay at the Times website here.
I started working at 2PM, and although the deadline was 7PM the same day I needed to finish it by 5 due to a previous obligation - taking my daughter to her piano lesson.
Fortunately all went smoothly.  I did the one sketch below, and while I was waiting for it to be approved I began working on the color version above which I thought Jennifer might be able to use on the Times website. Jennifer asked that I remove the clock and the helicopter in my sketch and we were all set. I used the sketch as final art.

When I re-read the essay - titled My Endless New York -  I found a greater appreciation for its beauty. Although I haven't lived there for ten years it really took me back to how I felt about and identified with NYC as my home. The last paragraph of Judt's essay really moves me:
“…And while there is no other city where I could imagine living, there are many places that, for different purposes, I would rather be. But this too is a very New York sentiment. Chance made me an American, but I chose to be a New Yorker. I probably always was.” - Tony Judt