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Some New Work

APRIL 8, 2011
Gail Ghezzi, art director at OnEarth, called with this assignment about a mother and daughter who are helping to take the bird census. I enjoyed doing the research to get the bird's plumage just right:

Below, an unusual assignment titled "Books Behind Bars", about the censorship of books in our nation's prison system. For Mary Parsons at The American Prospect:

One tourist's experience walking and shopping in Manhattan. For Philip Chalk at The Weekly Standard.
One from a series of five illustrations for John Kehe at the Christian Science Monitor. This one is about taking risks to chase one's dreams.
Below, what's better for the environment: grass- or corn-fed beef? For Brad Walters at the Washington Post:

Below: Is healthcare reform constitutional? for Lesley Becker at The Boston Globe Op-Ed.

And finally, artwork for the New York City Outward Bound 2011 annual gala:
Thanks to all the great art directors who I've had the pleasure to work with!