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Hong Kong in C.A. and A.I.

JUNE 3, 2011
The current Communication Arts illustration annual and American Illustration 30 website both accepted some of my work inspired by a month-long trip to Hong Kong last summer with my family. The trip and my China sketchbook completed while there continue to be a huge source of inspiration for me.

The drawing above of construction cranes in central Hong Kong, and the oil painting below of a street scene in Kowloon were chosen to appear on the American Illustration website.
This oil painting is based on the drawing below which appears in the current Communication Arts illustration annual. Lately I've been using some of my drawings as sketches for larger oil paintings (the above painting is 22" x 30"). I'm enjoying how much different this process is from editorial assignments with quick deadlines; each painting can take up to three or four months to complete. As soon as I finish one painting I start work on another.