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Sketches As Final Art #1

JANUARY 2, 2007
U.S. strategy in Iraq
Here are a few recent sketches that weren't chosen for final art. To me they're like the windfall from a fruit tree, perhaps not the nicest apples but with enough going for them that I wanted to keep them anyways.
Judges who take money from special interest groups
The inspiration for this "judges" image was my antique cast-iron mechanical clown savings bank. I put a coin in the hand, push a lever on the back, and the arm lifts the coin into the mouth.
Prescription drugs that have bad side-effects.
The drugs mentioned in the article were anti-psychotics. Using a devil as a concept didn't work.
Two more sketches on U.S. strategy in Iraq
Hypocritical politicians
I like the reptilian quality of the tongue in this sketch; it has just the right amount of the sinister.