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Sketches As Final Art #2

FEBRUARY 13, 2007
"When Money Talks, Do Voters Lose?"
Here's a recent assignment for the letters column at The New York Times Op-Ed which provided some extra ideas that I might be able to use in the future. The letters were in response to an article about public financing of presidential elections. Below are the sketches as I submitted them to the art director, Brian Rea. His assistant, Sam Weber, had suggested a few months ago that I consider using my sketches as final art more often, as was the case here. Sometimes there's a roughness and a spontaneity in my sketches that I just can't replicate.

I love working for the Op-Ed page and always feel like I'm illustrating on a very high level with these assignments. The deadlines are so short (this particular assignment was delivered in about three hours), that I end up responding to the text almost intuitively.
The winner (sketch #3) as it appeared in the paper.