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Farewell to InfoWorld, R.I.P.

APRIL 7, 2007
"The Printer's Devil", for Alissa Mathison at InfoWorld.
After 29 years, InfoWorld magazine announced last week that they are closing down the print version of the magazine to concentrate on their online version instead. The formal announcement on InfoWorld.com says: “We are merely embracing a more efficient delivery mechanism - the Web”.

I’ve been working with the former InfoWorld designer Alissa Mathison once a month or so for nearly two years. It was a great gig, and steady work. I’m glad we were able to work together on a cover that was published a month before the print version folded.
"Getting the Hairy Eyeball", for Alissa Mathison at InfoWorld
What do I make of this? I feel philosophical. To my knowledge this is the first time a client has abandoned print in favor of the web during the time when I’ve been working for them. I’m sorry to lose this client, though hopefully I’ll be able to get editorial assignments for the web version of the magazine.
"Identity Theft", for Alissa Mathison at InfoWorld
I read an article last year where Forbes was no longer described as a magazine, but as a web site with a print component. They’ve switched priorities and adapted to a changing market.

As the traditional client base for editorial illustration work continues to shrink, will other newer formats be as illustration-friendly?
Cover artwork published in February 2007.