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Abortion: A Tough Issue To Illustrate

JULY 2, 2007
Last week, Wesley Bedrosian called from The New York Times Op-Ed page with a letters assignment that was published under the headline: "Abortion Politics: The Third Rail".
The letters were full of strong language: "zealots forcing their anti-choice views...inflame and scare me", "Democrats abandoning their pro-choice platform", "...failure to engage the issue". There were a lot of possibilities to choose from as far as an illustration was concerned.

It took two rounds of sketches to find a solution. As has become my custom with these Op-Ed assignments, I used sketches as final art to preserve the quality of line that I like when I'm working on these exceedingly fast deadlines.

Can you guess which one was published? (Answer below.)
These four sketches were my revisions; #1 was published.