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Windfall Sketches

JANUARY 7, 2008
sketch #1
Kim Bost is the new assistant art director at The New York Times Op-Ed page. I had the pleasure of working with her for the first time last week on a letters piece that was published under the title “What Happened to Our America?”. The letters described how the policies of the current administration have “destroyed the values” of our nation, distorting democracy, creating an atmosphere of estrangement and alienation, and how our votes in 2008 will hopefully be able to cleanse and restore our government.
It’s always extremely satisfying to me when I’m able to generate several quality sketches, as was the case with this assignment. Can you guess which illustration was chosen?
Why is it that these black and white drawings, modest in size and executed very quickly under the stress of deadlines of a few hours, give me such a thrill? Is it the adrenaline rush that accompanies assignments like this? With so little time I can't do any research, so I need to wring these images right out of my imagination. Afterwards, I feel like I've run the equivalent of a mental marathon, and ache for a glass of wine and a hot bath - not always possible with a family of three children and the clock approaching dinnertime!
The art as it appeared in the Times.