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What Happened to The Zen of Nimbus?

APRIL 10, 2008
The Travels of Nimbus #3
I haven't posted a "Zen of Nimbus" comic since February. I've received some nice e-mails asking why I've stopped working on what had been a weekly comic for several months, and will I be starting up again?

The answer in context with the comic is that Nimbus got fed up with the intruding telephone, and needed a break. He's currently traveling around the world, and I'm working on a series of images (such as the two seen here) that document this journey.
The Travels of Nimbus #5
The real answer is that life intruded, I've been busy and I fell behind in the comic, first for one week, then another, and so on. I now have a real appreciation for what it means to do a weekly or even a daily comic. I honestly don't know how Charles Schulz was able to sustain "Peanuts" daily over so many years, with no apparent drop-off in quality (I've been buying the Fantagraphics' Complete Peanuts volumes as they become available, and am reading them with my son).

I'll pick up the "Zen" comics again at some point. They're too much fun not to do.