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Ewan MacLeish Gets His First Assignment

MAY 6, 2008
For several years I’ve been working on a series of paintings and drawings using the pseudonym "Ewan MacLeish". Most of the paintings hang on the walls of my children’s rooms here at home.

Until recently, I’ve done next to nothing to promote this work in the illustration marketplace. I was concerned that having two different portfolios of work might confuse clients and drive them away. My first big step to promote this work was to put a portfolio of it up on illoz.

Thanks to SooJin Buzelli, the creative director at Asset International, Ewan MacLeish is now a published illustrator. SooJIn saw my Ewan Macleish portfolio on illoz. The assignment, for an article in PLANSPONSOR magazine on retirement income, has dispelled the worries that I’ve had about getting commissions with this work.

What I like most about this painting is that it looks like it came right out of the Ewan MacLeish watercolor portfolio. The tearsheets arrived today in the mail, and I feel the excitement that comes from seeing my work published for the first time. It’s a far cry from the stress that I went through with my first illustration assignment, 18 years ago.

Thanks, SooJin! Now I hope I get more Ewan MacLeish commissions.
The art as it appears in PLANSPONSOR magazine.