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The End of the Clinton Campaign

JUNE 10, 2008
Guillermo Nagore is sitting in as art director at the NY Times Op-Ed page this week. Here's a Letters piece which we worked on yesterday, for publication today.
the sketches
I did two sketches for this assignment, beginning with sketch #2. I liked the concept but felt this sketch was too cluttered and confined by the box. I wanted to do a variation for insurance, something with a more minimal treatment that had no frame around it.

Guillermo liked the more minimal sketch, but asked if I could add something to give the image a little more weight on the page.  His suggestion was right on the money. I added a shadow, and experimented with different background treatments. With the clock ticking I ended up with three versions of final art. I think he chose the best version. Thanks, Guillermo.
two other versions of final art.