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Full-Page for Fortune Magazine

NOVEMBER 11, 2008
Nai Lee Lum at Fortune Magazine called with this full-page illustration about strategies for investors in the current economic climate. This was a very satisfying job: the deadline was quick, and I only submitted one sketch which was approved as-is. I used this sketch as final art with the addition of the blue background tone. Sometimes there are pencil lines and other “imperfections” in the sketches, such as inked areas not being totally opaque. In the past I would have tried to correct them. Now I leave them there since I feel they're part of the soul of my drawing.
I also think Nai did a great job with the layout below. The headline nicely balances my ink work.
Here's a detail from the sketch. I had run out of my usual ink and resorted to another less-opaque brand of India ink instead. I like how the transparency of the ink shows the brushwork. It's nice when an apparent mishap can turn into a pleasant surprise!