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My Favorite Unpublished Sketches / Part 1

JANUARY 4, 2009
I never throw my sketches away. I often go back to them later on to see how I dealt with a particular topic, object or expression; sometimes I just plain like them. Here’s a selection of some of my favorite unpublished sketches that I think are good enough to stand on their own:
#1 - NASA’s budget for space exploration. I was thinking of the space station in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. A sketch of an astronaut spacewalking towards a distant constellation of a dollar sign was used as final art.
#2 - Abortion. A difficult topic to illustrate. The client didn’t want to show a pregnant woman. A sketch of several men debating on a stage while a woman left out of the debate looks on from behind a curtain was used as final art.
#3 - Has America lost its way? This assignment came at the height of the war in Iraq and ensuing incidents of civil rights transgressions by the Bush administration. A sketch of Uncle Sam surrounded by a ring of fire was used as final art.
#4 - The demise of the US economy. I like the analogy of the economy as the Titanic, which was thought to be unsinkable. What hubris! An image of an investor in a paper airplane (made from the stock market page of a newspaper) crashing to the ground was used for the final.
#5 - This used to happen to me quite often.