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Work in Society of Illustrators 51st Advertising/ Institutional Annual

MARCH 11, 2009
Here’s my cover art for the New York City Outward Bound 2008 benefit invitation. It’s currently on exhibit at The Society of Illustrators as part of the Advertising/ Institutional Exhibit. I’m very happy that this illustration was accepted into the annual, especially since it’s the first time I’ve had artwork chosen in this category.

I’ve been creating cover artwork for NYCOB’s annual benefit invitations for 12 years, and I’m still challenged by the text requirements that convey the organization’s mission, and need to be integrated into the illustration each year. I found inspiration for this cover in some antique posters for the old Coney Island amusement park. My design included a circular cutout in the center: the scene of the children and school printed on the inside of the back cover.