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New Nimbus Book Nearing Completion

APRIL 9, 2009
I’m a short time away from finishing my latest graphic novel, titled The Redemption of Nimbus. This third book in the Chronicles of Nimbus series is about catastrophic global warming and takes place in Hong Kong. I’m planning on publishing it in late May to coincide with some new Zen of Nimbus comics which will be appearing this summer on Tor.com.
Each of the previous two books in the series took over a year to complete. The work on this book has been much easier and quicker; it will be nine months by the time I'm finished. I've particularly enjoyed drawing the many detailed scenes of Hong Kong which are based on my sketches and photos from our trip there last July. Soon it will be time to think about the next book.
Other good news worthy of another post in the future: five of my Travels of Nimbus prints have been accepted into the Communication Arts 2009 illustration annual.