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Zen/Nimbus on Tor.com

APRIL 27, 2009
Tor.com has commissioned me to create ten new Zen of Professor Nimbus comics to appear on their website through this summer, beginning on Thursday, May 7th. As the summer progresses, Tor will also choose five comics to appear on their site from the original "Zen" series that I posted here on my blog last year.

Tor.com is “a site for news and discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and all the things that interest SF and fantasy readers”.

I’m very excited to be working on these comics again. I put them on the back burner last fall when I began working on my latest Professor Nimbus book, and also because I painted myself into a corner with the “Nimbus vs. Mickey Mantle” sequence that left a few fans (and me) wondering what was going to happen. That experience has taught me that things work better when each three-strip comic stands alone, rather than being a part of a lengthy narrative that spans several weeks.

I’ll be posting reminders about the forthcoming appearance of the comic on the Tor.com website each week. I think that having the comic on Tor.com is a terrific match, and I'd be thrilled if it was considered successful enough to continue past this summer.