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Book Two in The Chronicles of Nimbus

JUNE 2, 2009
The Heresy of Nimbus, published in 2006, is the second full-length illustrated novel in the Chronicles of Nimbus. It is a gripping story of how Nimbus confronts a world gone mad that chooses delusion over science. As the story unfolds, Nimbus encounters a bullying government bent on an agenda of repression, fanaticism, tyranny, and in the end a complete failure of justice and democracy.
I developed the story after reading about the debate over the Intelligent Design theory of evolution, and how supporters of this theory are exploiting it for political purposes. Heresy was born from my feelings of frustration that my wife and I are raising our children in a backward culture where people have turned this belief into a political agenda.
The Heresy of Nimbus was awarded a silver medal in the sequential category of the Society of Illustrators 49th Annual Exhibition.
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