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Linocut of The Star Ferry, Hong Kong

JUNE 19, 2009
Here’s a linoleum print that I made this week based on one of my favorite drawings from my recent book, The Redemption of Professor Nimbus. I used to do a lot of printmaking, and love how simple this process is compared to more complicated ones like lithography or etching. I don’t need presses, chemical solvents or other special equipment. I can easily make prints at home:

After I transfer the drawing onto the linoleum with carbon paper (does carbon paper belong in the Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies?), I start cutting using these two Speedball linoleum cutters.
Inking the linoleum. I’m using water-based ink for easy clean-up.
Transferring the ink onto Japanese rice paper.
The moment of truth…
Not bad!
Finally, there's the exquisite pleasure of numbering and signing the print.
I’m planning on giving these prints away as gifts to friends who have a connection to or have visited or lived in Hong Kong.