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My new Nimbus book is here

JUNE 26, 2009

The Redemption of Nimbus is here!

In this third book in The Chronicles of Nimbus, a much-maligned Nimbus has been released from jail and languishes in exile in Hong Kong. A world that imprisoned him for believing in science over myth now urgently needs him to solve catastrophic global warming. Will Nimbus heed the call and help to avert an environmental crisis?
The Redemption of Nimbus is a 76-page paperback graphic novel in black and white, with a limited edition of 1000. I publish the books myself with the help of a great local printer, and each one is numbered by hand.
This book is a souvenir of a wonderful time spent in Hong Kong with my family in the summer 2008. Although longer than the previous two books, the process of working on Redemption was comparatively faster, taking eight months.  You can read more about the book and its development here.
I think some of my best drawings in the series are in this book, partly a consequence of using looser brushwork, and because of my personal connection to the subject matter. Many of the drawings are dense and packed with detail, particularly the Hong Kong street scenes. Redemption reveals an emotional side to Professor Nimbus that the previous two books don’t expose as deeply.
I’m planning on posting the complete book on Drawger in serial form starting this fall, presenting two panels per week, spanning 37 weeks.
The series lineup...so far!