Michael Sloan
November 2011
Silver medal from S.I.
Yay! Thanks to Anelle Miller and Kate Feirtag at the Society of Illustrators for their kind call informing me that my comic "My Extraordinary Dream" has won a silver medal in the sequential category of Illustrators 54. I'm thrilled!
The comic records an actual dream that I had one night this past March:

Recent jobs
Here are some recent assignments:
The Christian Science Monitor.
Yale University School of Public Health. Global warming increases insect populations and the diseases they carry.
The Boston Globe Op-Ed. Airlines have many categories for preferential boarding and seating.
The Christian Science Monitor. Is this the best time to refinance a mortgage, or will rates go lower?
The Washington Post. Upgrading to the latest electronic gadget creates a huge amount of waste.
JPMorgan Chase in-house publication. Investing in cities.
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